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Posted: July 7, 2011 in beachbody
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Today has been a great day. Earlier today, P90X and Beachbody posted my transformation video on their Facebook pages. I am so humbled at the heartfelt comments that came across my video. It’s amazing the number of people that are in our world today that really want to see someone else succeed besides themselves. And to think one little three minute clip can inspire someone to get off the couch, press play, create excitement in their own life that they really can accomplish their fitness goals. I really believe we are put on this earth to pay it forward. We are here to serve others. When we succeed at something and achieve a high level of success, we should want to see someone else achieve that same level of success or an even higher level of success.

Are you paying it forward? Are you mentoring someone to succeed past your level of success?


Well, I’ve started my second round of P90X this week. I can already tell I’m gonna really have to “bring it” until I get a new workout partner. Why, you ask? Well, during my first round of P90X, my wife worked out with me, and we had an incredible journey together. Like me, she got great results, too. She is starting a new program – TurboFire. I may have to jump in and join her on my cardio days just to see what it’s about. It should be interesting since I have two left feet. I will be blogging about that in the upcoming weeks.

My wife and I getting ready to run the 2011 Dallas Rock & Roll Half Marathon - one month before starting P90X. We run together even though we don't actually run together. 😉

I love working out with others. It motivates me, I have fun, and most importantly it holds me accountable. It’s amazing the number of people who purchase in-home-fitness programs or have gym memberships that barely use them. Around 60% of people that start out on a fitness journey fail. You could say, “Old habits die hard!” That’s why we need to create new habits. That’s why we need accountability.

Accountability, simply put, keeps us committed to the decisions we have made. Let’s face it, we are all accountable to something or someone…spouse, house payment, coach, God/faith. So why not our health? It’s important. That’s why I decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach. I knew that when I finished my journey that I would want to pay it forward to someone with similar goals, so if you want me to help you and hold you accountable,my support is free-of-charge.(Really!) I also knew that I needed to be accountable to someone who could raise my fitness level. Thanks, Coach Sean. You’re awesome at what you do. Be sure to check out his blog, too.

Your health and well being are important. Not just for you, either, but for the rest of your family. I don’t know about you, but I want to be around a while to grow old with my Love and see my kids grow up. Being accountable to others brings out the best in us. We are better together. Even during our workouts.