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"Meaty Goliath" by celebmuscle via flickr

Today marks a new journey in fitness as I begin another 90 days of P90X. Growing up I always found it extremely difficult to put on lean muscle mass. I tried every fitness program until I ran across P90X. Like most people, I was one of those guys who was up late one night watching infomercials; and found P90X. As I watched the results of testimony from others on what P90X did for them and saw with my own eyes their transformation pics I thought what the heck I will give it a shot. And I’m so glad I did. Both my wife and I completed the full 90 days and our lives have been changed for the better. During this second round I am going to try and build upon what already is a solid foundation as I attempt to add more muscle mass. Two of the things I will be doing differently are lowering my rep count and adding some resistance like a weighted vest.

The P90X newsletter has an excellent article on gaining mass during P90X for men who want to put on size.